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    The Archetect
Robin M.

Good on ya Arlo!  Wonderful listen. 

Arlo T.

Thanks Robin! I’m sending the next 2 songs  to my drummer Matt Starr next week. Excited for you to hear those! They’re all very different sounding. 

Kevin S.

Great stuff. Everything sounds fantastic.

Arlo T.

Glad you liked it Kevin Next 2 songs are almost ready for drums. Then I need to finish the instrumental. 

Shawn M.

Very well done from guitar to vocals. Headphones for the true stereo experience take you on an epic sonic journey. I love the end with the guitar and drums fading away. Leaves me wanting more!

Arlo T.

There was a second part. That part will be another song. Glad you like it EH

Fred E.

 Very well done. Wife and I liked it a lot. 

Arlo T.

Thanks Fred! Put the headphones on for the next listen

Patrick N.

Great tune!  It sounds amazing, what a vibe!  A fine musical wine for your ears, it has a rich complex texture, a soothing thickness with a pleasant warmth without overdoing it, it flows nicely with fresh notes of Alice in Chains, Neil Young and Crazy Horse, David Bowie, Pink Floyd, and Alan Parsons Project.  Can't wait to hear the rest of the album!

Arlo T.

Thank you for that Patrick I’m really happy you dig it Thanks for doing the Pre-Buy as well. Very grateful for the help! 
I tracked guitars on the next song this afternoon. It’s more Mountain/Gov’t Mule feel. It’s gonna be good! Matt was saying maybe he’d get some cowbell on it