2024 Music Plan Begins!!!

Today, I start my 2024 music plan! I’ve been putting this together since November. Now it’s time for ACTION

I’ve spent the last year focusing on recording a lot of songs. I’m finally ready to share those songs with you. I intend to have a 5 song EP finished by June. 

I’m sending the first song to Matt Starr this week to get live drums put on. Matt plays drums for Ace Frehley and does lots of session work. More on Matt later…

Today, I’m getting the song ready for Matt. I’m sending him one version with my software drums on. I use Toontrack EZdrummer software for my recordings at home. I’ll also send him a version with no drums that he can play to while he records drums in his studio. 

So today is some song prep for Matt and then I’m going to work on a video for another phase of my 2024 plan that I’ll share with you very soon.

Going to be a fun Spring!!