"No Surprise" music video recorded at Sunset Sound studio August 18, 2021

This was recorded while we were recording my new single "No Surprise" in Sunset Sound studio. It was very surreal thinking that Van Halen, The Doors, Janis Joplin, Prince and so many others spent so much time in that room recording their music. Now I've added my name to that list. 

I thought about Eddie Van Halen and Jim Morrison a lot throughout the day there. They were there saying "come on show us what you got"! I gave them a taste. I've got a whole lot more to show them.

I can't wait to get back there. I'm writing and planning for my next trip to Sunset Sound. Magical place!

Special thanks to:

Justin Andres- Bass Guitar, Good Vibes and Smiles

Randy Cooke- Drums, Stories and Laughs

Bill Mims- Engineer  http://www.mimsrecording.com/

Drew Dempsey- Producer and Videographer www.dfdproductions.com



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Robin M.

Great listen; so enjoyed it : )


Tom L.

Superstar, Arlo Tarr! Very nice being able to see and hear all your hard work. Great sound, really like the tone of your guitar. Can’t forget to comment on your choice of music in the beginning and end of video, perfect! Can’t wait for more. Actually can’t wait for live shows!

Arlo T.

Glad you liked it amigo! Live shows are coming next. We need to get together and talk about which covers to do.