Pre-Buy EP

Pre-Buy EP

Help me release my EP 

“The Archetect” Pre-Buy now!

The goal I'm trying to hit is $5,500. We’re currently at $2,700! There are 3 tiers in this Pre-Buy.

Tier 1 : Give $10 or more and you'll be able to stream the songs as they release.

Tier 2 : Give $25 or more and you'll get the stream and a signed CD. 

Tier 3 : Give $100 or more and you’ll get the stream, a signed cd and a Thank You in the credits.

Do you remember how it felt the first time you listened to Led Zeppelin or Jimi Hendrix or The Allman Brothers Band?

Remember how it felt when your best friend played The Grateful Dead's "American Beauty" album for you and then you said "that was awesome, check out this Pink Floyd album "Animals" that I just bought". Remember how great it felt to share music with your friends?

Hi! My name is Arlo Tarr and I'd like to SHARE with YOU my new EP "The Archetect".

I'm a lifelong musician. I spent my 20's and 30's playing gigs in various bands. My influences range from Hendrix, Cream and Led Zeppelin to Pink Floyd, Bowie and The Who to Alice in Chains, The Black Crowes and Rival Sons. I like writing heavy duty rock music with interesting melodic twists and turns.

Over the past year I've been recording songs in my home studio. I've taken the influences I mentioned and used them to create my own original music. I've picked 4 of the best songs and now I want to share them with YOU!

I'm starting a Pre-Buy campaign to help pay for the musicians, the mixing and mastering, artwork and CD production costs.

I've enlisted a very capable drummer. I've got Matt Starr who's played on several Ace Frehley albums and done many other recording sessions.

Jorgen Carllson, former Gov’t Mule bassist, will be joining us on the song “How the West was Won”!

Evan Bakke, head mix engineer at The Power Station New England, will be doing the mixing duties. Evan worked for Prince at his Paisley Park studio. So, I'm confident we'll have a fantastic sounding EP when we're done.

I've already paid for the first song to be completed with my own money. So, the ball is rolling... But I'm really counting on 55 SUPER FANS to give $100 so we can hit our goal.

Then the next time you're hanging with a friend and they're playing you "Stairway to Heaven" for the millionth time, you can say "hey put this cd in of my friend Arlo, I helped him make this".

To donate enter an amount above, hit add to cart and follow the instructions. If you have any questions email me at

Thank you