Is "The Archetect" a Concept EP? Yes, it is!

Is "The Archetect" a Concept EP? Yes, it is!

When I first start thinking about putting together an EP, I had no conceptual vision for it. I picked the 4 best songs I had and started thinking about recording them in a studio.

Then one day I was playing around with a Univibe pedal in my studio. It's from a company called BMF Effects. If you're not familiar with what a Univibe pedal is go listen to Jimi Hendrix's "Machine Gun" or Robin Trower's "Bridge of Sighs". I found a drum pattern in my EZdrummer software that I liked and started playing along. Six hours later I had the song mapped out. Sometimes I write songs and think "this is pretty good" or I might think "I just wasted 6 hours this is crap". That day I felt I had written my best song yet! I felt like I had reached another level in my songwriting and in recording the different instruments. 

The title for that song came to me the following day driving to work. What if I called it "The Architect"? I liked that but I wasn't seeing it spelled that way in my mind. For some reason, I saw it spelled "The Archetect". So I went to a dictionary and started looking at what the word "arche" could mean. Arche is a noun : something that was in the beginning : a first principle. I started thinking about how that meaning fit with the word "architect". Architect is a noun : 1. a person who designs buildings and advises their construction 2. a person who designs and guides a plan or undertaking. I liked the idea of putting those meanings together. “The Archetect” had awakened!

After I wrote "The Archetect", I set the other 4 songs aside. I decided I wanted to write 3 more songs that complimented "The Archetect". There was still no concept. I just wanted the other 3 songs to be on the same new level that I felt I had reached. I sent "The Archetect" to my drummer Matt Starr. We took off my EZdrummer software drums and Matt put on real drums recorded in the studio. It made a HUGE difference! The song really came alive after he put his energy into it. 

A couple weeks ago, I wrote the next song. It's called "How the West was Won". I really liked this song. I felt it was at that new level and maybe better than "The Archetect". It has a great riff, a great story and it's going to sound HEAVY once Matt and Jorgen Carllson get done with it. I still had no concept in mind for the EP. 

Last week I started messing around with a more uptempo and happy song. My daughter, Izzie, says my songs are always sad. I'd been listening to alot of Thin Lizzy and Rory Gallagher lately. I tried capturing some of their energy into my new song. It's called "Out on the Sea". Still no concept.

Then it came to me driving to work. This is a Concept EP! After changing the order of the tracks it was revealed to me...

The track listing is:

1. How the West was Won 

2. The Archetect

3. Out on the Sea


Initially, I had "The Archetect" first but then I thought what if I move HTWWW to the first slot? This wasn't an EP of 4 different songs. This is the story of Zebulon. Zebulon is the main character in HTWWW. I need to finish the lyrics to "Out on the Sea". I already have the story in my mind. I also have the premise for the fourth song now. I just need to record the music for that. I feel that song needs to be a longer more EPIC song. 

So Yes, this a Concept EP! I'm excited for you to hear the story of Zebulon. I think it will be a fun adventure for us all!



I'm familiar with writing songs that are sad. The song I wrote a couple of weeks ago was about a guy that OD'd and the devistation it left for his family.  I did write one happy song last year after Jimmy Buffett died and I decided to try a writing a 'what if I was Jimmy Buffett' song.  It was a fun excersize and I do like the song that came from it.  Me song writing mentor doesn't seem to be able to write a happy song either and that guy has written hundreds of songs!

Arlo T.

I’m pretty sure I’m going to play the “happy” song to my daughter and she’s gonna say. Sad dad.

Tom L.

I sure hope so. Every journey has a beginning, middle and an end to it. 

Move over or get in the back Homer, there is a new “Odyssey” about to set sail!

Tom L.

Hot damn, I knew it! From the 1st time I listened to the finished version of The Archetect, that there was a bigger story there to tell, one of an epic journey I’m sure

Arlo T.

The last song is the key. It’s the end of the EP but maybe a beginning of more to come…